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The following presentations are from the Intergovernmental Affairs panel sessions at the 2003 Denver APA Conference.

The presentations are hosted at which is the home of the local host committee for the 2004 APA National Conference in Washington, D.C.

To view the presentations as a full screen show, click the small "Full Screen Show" icon in the lower right corner of your browser. To advance the slides, simply left click your mouse on the screen. To exit the show, simply hit the Escape key.

Regional Cooperation in the Treasure Valley, Idaho Region March 31, 2003
 Download the Powerpoint Presentation (14.85 MB)
Charles Trainor, Community Planning Association, Boise, ID Metropolitan Area
Envision Utah, A Partnership for Quality Growth March 31, 2003
 Download the Powerpoint Presentation (17.9 MB)
Ted Knowlton, Planning Manager, Coalition for Utah's Future - Envision Utah
Life After Plan Adoption: Implementing DRCOG’s Metro Vision Plan March 31, 2003
 Download the Powerpoint Presentation (17.9 MB)
Larry Mugler, Planning Services Coordinator
Improving Transportation, Air Quality & Health: Examining the Affect of Land Use April 2, 2003
 Download the Powerpoint Presentation (21.625 MB)
Karen Wolf, AICP - King County Development & Environmental Services
Larry Frank, Ph. D, AICP - Lawrence Frank and Company, Inc., Atlanta
Gary Goldbaum, MD, MPH - Seattle/King County Public Health

Rocky Piro, Ph.D, AICP - Division Vice-Chair

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